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Childbirth Education

This class reviews it all such as: Pregnancy, what to pack in your hospital bag, stages of labor, induction, or medication options vs. non medication options, coping skills, advocating for your birth preferences, cesarean, placenta, cord cutting, what to expect immediately post birth, and more!

Comfort Measures

This class is best for someone who has given birth before or already very familiar with stages of labor and delivery, and may just want to review positional changes, comfort measures, and coping strategies for pain management.

Newborn Care

This class will review topics, such as bringing baby home, setting yourself up for success as well as:

  • Options for infant feeding, breast or bottle.
  • Newborn safety and preventing illness
  • Red flags to look for in baby and parent/s transitioning home
  • Car seat safety, crib safety, safe sleep and home safety considerations.
  • Newborn care, swaddling practice, bathing, skin care, prevention of skin breakdown for baby, nail care, disposable vs. cloth diapering, and learning Newborn cues.
  • We also offer childbirth education class or 1:1 in-home consultations (or virtual) that can have additional special focus on either:
    • Preparing for VBAC
    • Preparing for Cesarean Birth
    • Building my VBAC birth preference sheet
    • Building my Cesarean Birth preference sheet

Labor Doula Service

Educational, emotional, and physical support to help you throughout pregnancy and labor.

During pregnancy, having a doula gives you the opportunity to ask questions at any point and put your mind more at ease with less reliance on varying information and advice found from the internet or social circles alone. Our doulas provide the evidence based answers you’re looking for, while also considering your individual circumstances that may be unique to you.

Services included:

  • 1:1 support to address any question or concerns throughout pregnancy, through phone, text, or email.
  • 3 hour Prenatal visit or two 1.5 hr visits, virtually or in person
  • Support throughout labor and delivery as well as staying for at least 1 hour post delivery for assistance as needed ex: baby’s latch and initiating breast feeding.
  • One one-hour Postpartum follow up visit

Sibling Doula

Especially among the pandemic, families have been reaching out for services beyond labor support and postpartum. A professional Doula can simply watch over them in your absense but often can help prepare the sibling too, for welcoming baby home and show them how they can play a helpful role. It can also bring a great sense of calm to the home knowing you have someone you can trust to watch over your child while you’re laboring at home or in the hospital.

Please send us an email to inquire about more information on sibling care doula services or other special inquiries.

Postpartum Doula

Doulas can play a significant role in the postpartum recovery period as we are trained in knowing what babies and parents need. Our support is evidence based and unbiased. We create a safe place to address all your questions, help you get some much needed rest, and help increase your confidence in newborn care skills.

During pregnancy we also offer additional services if you need assistance with:

  • Setting up your registry, not only thinking of material things for baby but also for what the parent/s will need in the months to come.
  • Planning out a baby shower.
  • Finding helpful resources, groups, and more.

After Birth we can provide:

  • Care for baby as well as the parent/s
  • Tips on incisional care and self care
  • How to collaborate with your partner so you both feel involved in the process.
  • Assist with practical daily routine tasks to give parents a much needed break, such as with: snack prep, laundry, and light cleaning while providing any needed education before or after our visits.
  • Home safety tips
  • What to consider, tips on welcoming baby home to other siblings, or pets.
  • Hands on or virtual practice for parents with swaddling or use of infant carriers
  • Tips for basic breast feeding, formula feeding
  • Tips on use and sanitary handling of bottles and pump parts and proper storage.

In – Home Consults:

  • While pregnant
  • While in postpartum recovery
  • Also benefits those planning for or recovering from cesarean birth!

Book a 1:1 consult and have an expert come to you to give you all the tips and tricks!

Learn how to better function throughout your daily routine and complete daily tasks with more independence, as well as how to prevent injury with easy to implement modifications.

Owner of Capstone Doula Services, Becky has been in healthcare for 13 years as an occupational therapist, now doula and childbirth educator and loves sharing her clinical knowledge with pregnant clients and teach them how they can include simple exercises, stretches, and strategies to move around easier.

After her consultation, you’ll feel more confident how to also function despite having pain in your pelvis, low back, or upper body. For example, even swelling in the feet and hands can also lead to uncomfortable tingling, numbness and impact our daily function as well, and it’s a relief to know there are some things you can do to improve or cope with these discomforts.

Lastly if you haven’t already been working in 1:1 sessions with a local massage therapist, OT, PT, Chiropractor, or pelvic floor therapist, Becky has many community resources who work with pregnant people regularly, which she can refer you to from her trusted network.


Capstone Doula Services are available to clients in Boston and surrounding areas.

We now offer in person or virtual services.

If you have questions about how virtual services can still be just as valuable, just call and we’ll be sure to answer all of your questions

How can my family benefit from having a labor doula?

Doulas can have a positive impact on one of the most important days in your life and help you navigate through everything to help your labor move along.

Doulas do not replace a loved ones involvement, in fact, it makes for a great team:

  • Your loved one knows you best and your doula knows birth best.
  • We specialize in coping strategies, position changes, and comfort measures.
  • Together as a team you’re set up to feel fully supported and prepared.

It can be comforting to know you’re in trusted hands if a partner needs to grab a meal, take a rest, or tend to other children/responsibilities at home. Doulas also can help partners feel more involved and give suggestions on how they can best help you at each stage of labor.

The world health organization (WHO) and other sources, now recommend that all birthing persons have a doula since it’s been shown to:

  • Reduce duration of labor, the need for medications or interventions, and reduced rate of cesarean births. Increases chance of spontaneous vaginal births.
  • Result in families reporting a more positive experience overall in birth and postpartum when they had this continued support.


“Becky helped answer so many questions for me during the postpartum period. I didn’t realize how many questions I would have about breastfeeding, naps, and even activities I could do with my baby! Becky always responded with a number of options and made me feel confident with being a new mom.”


“I highly recommend Capstone. Becky has been an unbelievable resource for me as a first time mother. She was referred to me by a close friend because, at the time, I was exhausted AND overwhelmed. Becky couldn’t have been more helpful, she jumped right in to offer different solutions for sleep training, products that worked for her and reminded me that there isn’t a wrong way to do it. She offered me her personal experience coupled with the latest studies and industry knowledge. She also gave me the postpartum support that is so important for a new mother dealing with physical, emotional, and life changes. I feel lucky to be working with Capstone and would give Becky 6 out of 5 stars if I could. I wish I had her as my Doula for baby#1 but I will definitely be using her for our second.”


”Becky is kind, patient and so professional. She is a wealth of knowledge and helped me process through all of my birthing questions and options in a non-biased, balanced way. I felt much more confident and at ease going into my second delivery because of her and her resources. You will absolutely love Becky and will not regret having her involved in this important season of life! From pregnancy to labor/delivery and postpartum this girl knows her stuff and is so down to earth. Thank you Becky!”


“Becky helped us with our 3-4 month old son for overnight care as I transitioned back to work. We were impressed from the start by how thorough she was in making sure she understood our goals and preferences. In addition to her help overnight when she was there, she provided guidance on daytime feeding, sleeping, and age-appropriate play as well. She helped us get him sleeping for longer stretches and went above and beyond to communicate with our nanny as well. Her presence was invaluable in helping me get back to work well-rested and confident that my baby was doing well. We always looked forward to the nights she was coming! Would highly recommend!”

-P & C

“We worked with Becky throughout her pregnancy and post delivery. Becky truly cares about each patient she works with. She has great experience and is very knowledgeable! Becky was always available to talk through questions, concerns and give advice. I am so grateful for Becky’s support and help! Highly recommend working with Capstone Doula Services. You will be glad you did!”.


”I’m a family nanny and I can’t begin to tell you how helpful Becky has been. The infant who I care for is always the most peaceful and happy after Becky has spent the night. She has tons of great advice to offer and is quick to respond if a question ever arises. She has helped me form a schedule for the baby that works incredibly well. Not only is she a fantastic doula, but just a wonderful person in general. I highly recommend working with her”.


“Capstone was the perfect fit for our family. When my partner had to return to work fairly quickly after the birth of our son. Becky made us feel confident and prepared as new parents and provided me with so many community resources at each visit in person and over the phone. Although we never needed it, it also felt good knowing she always had a back up doula or a back up plan in case something were to arise. I struggled with formulas, fussiness, and bottle feeding my baby. Becky helped me figure out calming techniques that worked, how to get on a better schedule and how to incorporate healthy day and night routines that worked quickly for our family. If you’re looking for compassionate and professional care, I highly recommend Capstone Services!”


“Although for my second child, I was having a planned cesarean birth, Becky helped me discover that I could still have a positive family centered experience with birth preferences and comfort measures to make it a very personalized experience in and out of the OR, Helped initiating breast feeding and visited us after the birth as well for much needed support! She had great handouts and resources ready for me before I even asked!”


“Hiring Becky was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. She worked very hard to make sure I was confident going into my labor, including a good birth plan and a ton of coping skills that she taught me in my home. She also created a comfortable, happy atmosphere in my delivery room and my whole experience was so much more relaxed because of her. Becky’s background in occupational therapy gives her insight into massage and pain coping techniques that most doulas don’t have. I would recommend Becky to anyone without hesitation – she works super hard for her clients. Thankful to have her as a first-time Mom.”


“Becky was absolutely amazing. We could not have had a successful confident birth without her. From birth classes to being on site through our labor advocating for us, educating us on decisions to not feel rushed, she was the BEST decision we ever made. I highly recommend her!”

-J & A

”Becky was my doula and did an amazing job. She’s very knowledgeable and supportive. Her OT skills came in handy as well and she provided me with great c-section recovery tips.”


“Becky helped me navigate my first week postpartum with my son and provided me with the support I needed to survive those first weeks being home with a new baby. When I was a mess, she was calm! I will always be grateful for that. Becky is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her services.”


Contact us for our availability and to learn more about our package options.

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