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Childbirth Education
This class reviews it all such as: Pregnancy, what to pack in your hospital bag, stages of labor, induction, or medication options vs. non medication options, coping skills, advocating for your birth preferences, cesarean, placenta, cord cutting, what to expect immediately post birth, and more!

Comfort Measures
This class is best for someone who has given birth before or already very familiar with stages of labor and delivery, and may just want their birth plan/preferences reviewed with a doula, and to review positional changes, comfort measures, and coping strategies.

Newborn Care
This class will review topics, such as bringing baby home, setting yourself up for success as well as:
-Options for infant feeding, breast or bottle.
-Newborn safety and preventing illness, red flags.
-Car seat safety, crib safety and other safe sleep topics.
-Newborn care, swaddling practice, bathing, skin care, nail care, disposable vs. cloth diapering, and learning Newborn cues.

Labor Doula Service

Educational, emotional, and physical support to help you throughout pregnancy and labor.

Upon hiring a birth doula, you will have:

*24/7 support through phone, text, or email.
*Support throughout labor and birth.
*Postpartum follow up visit

Postpartum Doula

Doulas can play a significant role in the postpartum recovery period as we are trained in knowing what new babies and moms need. We provide professional and unbiased support outside of family and friends for a safe place to address all your questions, help you get some much needed rest, and help increase your confidence in newborn care skills.

During pregnancy, a Postpartum
Doula can assist with:
-Assistance with registry
-Finding helpful resources.

After Birth, Doulas can provide:
-Care for mom and baby
-Assist with practical daily
routine tasks or sibling support
-Practice for parents with swaddling, infant carriers
-Tips for basic breast feeding, bottle feeding and how to keep sanitary pump and bottle parts.

*Capstone Doula Services are available to clients in Boston and surrounding areas

*We now offer in person or virtual services.

If you have questions about how virtual services can still be just as valuable, just call and we’ll be sure to answer all of your questions.

How can my family benefit from having a labor doula?
Doulas can have a positive impact on one of the most important days in your life and help you navigate through everything to help your labor move along.

Doulas do not replace a loved ones involvement, in fact, it makes for a great team:
*Your loved one knows you best and your doula knows birth best and specializes in coping strategies, position changes, and comfort measures.

*It can be comforting to know you’re in trusted hands if they grab a meal, take a rest, or tend to other children/responsibilities at home.

*Doulas also can help partners feel more involved and give suggestions on how they can best help you at each stage of labor.

The world health organization (WHO) and other sources, now recommend that all birthing persons have a doula since it’s been shown to:
*Reduce the rate of cesarean births and increased chances of spontaneous vaginal birth

*Reduce the need for medications or interventions

*Reduce duration of labor

*Result in families reporting a more positive experience overall in birth and postpartum when they had this continued support.


Becky helped answer so many questions for me during the postpartum period. I didn’t realize how many questions I would have about breastfeeding, naps, and even activities I could do with my baby! Becky always responded with a number of options and made me feel confident with being a new mom.

— Jaqui

Although for my second child, I was having a planned cesarean birth, Becky helped me discover that I could still have a positive family centered experience with birth preferences and comfort measures to make it a very personalized experience in and out of the OR. She had great handouts and resources ready for me before I even asked!

— Meg

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